BTBT Episode 79 - The State of Craft of Beer

September 2nd, 2019

BTBT returns with a brand spanking new episode full of craft beer delight. In this show we discuss the current state of craft beer and the conundrum that is the New England IPA. We also drink excessive amounts of gin. Enjoy.

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August 5th, 2019


THAT'S RIGHT WE ARE BACK! and we jump right into the recent controversy caused by an @uproxxx article titled These ‘Beer Influencers’ Are Actually Worth Following On Instagram....another craftbeer podcast @brewbound commented on the article during one of their shows and received a lot of backlash from the online craftbeer let's talk about it..

In this episode we discuss:
➡️What makes a craft beer influencer an influencer?

➡️The right for anyone to do as they please with their online social media presence and the need for us all to respect those decisions

➡️Large female IG Accounts using their specific assets for likes, followers and engagements




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BTBT Episode 76 - Circa Brewing Co.

October 17th, 2018

BTBT and Circa Brewing

The goons are hanging at Circa in downtown Brooklyn this week with Drew one of the brewers leading the charge for this flourishing yet growing establishment. We drink and we learn things. It’s a fun time and Drew is equal parts great host and passionate craft beer lover. If you find yourself in BK and you’re craving pizza and a beer, head over to Circa. Good times with good people, crank out the beers and get ‘em flowing for this weeks show.

Drink Local. Drink Fresh. Repeat. Cheers.

Check out this pretty cool documentary that Drew made in appearance in - BrewMaster 

Don’t forget to check out last week’s episode featuring The Baroness.

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BTBT Episode 76 - The Baroness

October 4th, 2018

The goons are in LIC Queens and we are hanging at The Baroness with co-owner Kyle Radzyminski. The Brooklyn IPA tap take over was in full swing while we chopped it up with Kyle and discussed  the history, vibe and philosophy of one the finest craft beer bars in Queens.

Always good times when we are in Queens!

Grab a few fresh beers and enjoy the show.

Drink Local. Drink Fresh. Repeat. Cheers.


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BTBT Episode 75 - Station House

September 27th, 2018

The goons are back in Forest Hills, Queens and we are hanging at Station House with Adam Hayes the Beer Baron and Adam Zuniga the regional sales manager for Lord Hobo brewing company and the host of the Six Most Metal Breweries. You know its been a good season when 3 of the first 4 episodes have been in Queens! Shout out to the borough where stars are born! Station House is easily the best bar in Forest Hills, and one of the best in the borough. The bar boasts an impressive craft beer line up, an extensive whiskey menu and good food too. We were fortunate enough to drink some quality beer from Lord Hobo who were in the midst of a mini tap take over. We took their IPA challenge, we passed it and we want to do it again!

Good times with good people and good beer, what else do you need?

Grab some fresh beers and enjoy the show.

Drink Local. Drink Fresh. Repeat. Cheers.

Check out last weeks show featuring theArt and Hustle Tupac Tribute Show.

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BTBT Episode 74 - Art and Hustle Tupac Tribute Show

September 20th, 2018

The BTBT goons were proud to be co-sponsors of the Art and Hustle Tupac Tribute Show at Image Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This weeks episode celebrates the life of Tupac and brings together artists across all disciplines to showcase their love and appreciation for this hip hop icon. The goons had some beers straight from the Interboro Spirits and Ales 2nd Anniversary and were throwing 'em back pretty vigorously. Double Dry Hopped Madd Fat Fluid and the the Madd Fat 2nd anniversary were some of our favorites! Shout out to the Art and Hustle crew for putting together this fantastic event. Cheers to all of the artists who made it such a special night. Check out some pics of the art below.

Grab some beers and crack 'em open matter where you are in the world...Drink Local. Drink Fresh. Repeat.

Check out last weeks show with Judy and Punch in Astoria Queens. Click here!

P.S. We got the GGG Vs Canelo prediction wrong - props to both warriors they put on a great show but I stand by my statement that you can't get a decision against Canelo in Vegas...


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BTBT Episode 73 - Judy and Punch

September 13th, 2018

BTBT is back in Astoria, Queens and this week we are hanging with Colin, the head bartender of Judy and Punch. This top notch craft beer bar on 30th avenue has 15 rotating drafts, bottles, cans, unique cocktails and free popcorn (score! that's big for the team).

The crew discuss the history, philosophy and vibe of the bar along with some of Colin's craft beer influences. We talk cocktails and also hear about how one of the owners almost died prior to the grand opening.

Good times with good people. Get your beers ready.

Drink Local. Drink Fresh. Repeat.

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BTBT Episode 72 - 2018 Fall Season Opener

September 5th, 2018

BTBT IS BACK!The crew returns to talk about the art of home brew, the current state of craft beer and our favorite summer brews with home brewer Andrew Berman of the Brooklyn Brewsers home brew club and home brewer and craft beer journalist Jason Stein. Good times with good people right in the heart of Queens - Astoria, Queens to be exact. We couldn't have picked two better dudes to kick off the brand new craft beer filled season with! Shout out to Andrew and Jason for their beer knowledge and hospitality! We had fun throwing a few back with you guys and hearing about your passion and motivation.

The highly awaited and anticipated return is here! Stay tuned for a ton of awesome upcoming shows and brand new craft beer content from the BTBT Goons. You've been warned.....tell a friend to tell a friend the goons are back in town.

Dink Local. Drink Fresh. Repeat. Cheers.

Grab a few cold ones and enjoy this weeks show!

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BTBT Episode 71 - LIC Beer Project

July 13th, 2018

BTBT hangs with Dan Acosta, owner of LIC Beer Project to discuss the history, philosophy and passion of the brewery. Good times and good beers, grab something local pop it open and enjoy the show.

Spread the craft beer love and tell a friend to a tell friend - its BTBT and LICBP!


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BTBT Episode 70 - The World Cup Beer Bracket Battle

July 4th, 2018

Round of 8 - FIGHT!

Here we go again the crew is back and this week we got a special extended show for YOU! We not only cover the 2018 World Cup but also break down our own Beer World Cup Bracket! Thats right we got beers going head to head in a do or die competition. We critique the beers, we break down the tournament we do it all. Get your beers ready and enjoy our special July 4th Episode!


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BTBT Episode 69 - Mikkeller NYC

June 20th, 2018


BTBT are rolling deep this week at Mikkeller NYC located right next to Citi Field in Flushing, Queens, NY. We get a chance to chat with Sam Speer the Sales Community and Product Manager of Mikkeller NYC.  You know we love Queens, and we also love good beer made in Queens, so yes we are very excited about this weeks show!

We pound world class beers, discuss the history of Mikkeller, weigh in on the current state of craft beer and drop some BTBT exclusives. All this and much more in the jam packed episode 69.

Crack open a few beers and enjoy the show. Remember, no matter where you are in the world, Drink Local. Drink Fresh. Repeat. Cheers.


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BTBT Episod 68 - The World Cup Share Show

June 14th, 2018

BTBT and the 2018 World Cup Share Show

In this weeks show the crew is rolling deep and celebrating the upcoming 2018 World Cup by discussing some of their favorite national soccer teams and drinking a few beers from each nation. It's a soccer and beer mash up show for the ages! Enjoy the beautiful game with the BTBT crew as we take you on a journey from Germany to Mexico to Belgium to Poland to Brazil. Plus a few funny rants along the way!

Grab a few beers and kick back and enjoy! Cheers

Fun Fact: Acerola is a shrub or small tree that bears a delicious cherry like fruit, which is why you usually hear the term “acerola cherry”, rather than just acerola.



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BTBT Episode 67 - Carmine Street Beers

June 6th, 2018

We are hanging with Shane Monteiro of Carmine Street Beers for episode 67! BTBT goon Mike joins Peter to co-host this weeks show. Carmine's have a huge selection of domestic & imported craft brews sold in bottles, cans & growlers. We were more then happy to throw back a few brews and discuss the history of the bottle shop and the role they play in the craft beer scene. We also talk about their philosophy, current favorite beers and more!

Grab a few beers and enjoy this weeks show Cheers!!

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BTBT Episode 66 - Five Boro Craft Fest Part 2

May 31st, 2018

The goons are representing and in full effect for part 2 of the Five Boro Craft Fest recored at the Well in Brooklyn! This weeks show picks up right where we left off and it is jam packed with fantastic breweries. Guests featured are:

Janet Viader - Sales Executive at Toast 

Blake Tomnitz and Kevin O’Donnell - Co-Founders  at Five Boroughs Brewing

Kyle Hurst - Founder/Brewer at Big Alice Brewing 

Dave Lopez - Co-Founder Gunn Hill Brewery

Merlin Ward - Co-Founder/Brewer at Wartega Brewery 

Good times, good beer and good people - what more do you need? Enjoy Part 2 of the Five Boro Craft Fest.

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BTBT Episode 65 - Five Boro Craft Fest Part 1

May 24th, 2018

BTBT is at The Five Boro Craft Fest held at The Well in Brooklyn for a massive two part podcast! Although the fest is in Brooklyn, part 1 is all about the glorious borough of Queens!

The Five Boro Craft Fest Part 1 features:

Rich Castagna, owner and head brewer of Bridge and Tunnel Brewery

Sam Bosrock co-owner and head brewer of Iconyc Brewery

John Oe Danyi, assistant brewer of Bridge and Tunnel Brewery

Good times with good people! Whether you're listening during your commute or you're about to grab some cold ones before you press play, we hope you enjoy this weeks show !


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