BTBT Episode 56 - IDrankBeer

March 21st, 2018

In this weeks show BTBT hangs at Strong Rope Brewery with IDrankBeer, a Long Island, New York based youtube and Instagram show dedicated to exploring, cultivating and nurturing craft beer. First of all this cross over extravaganza has been a long time coming but good things come together for those who wait and we have a feeling that you're probably gonna' dig this show. Drink good beers, have good times thats what the IDRANKBEER boys say, they are your one stop shop for Beer Reviews, Craft Beer & Indie Games, Beer News, and Original Articles.  Combine that with the BTBT goons and you've got a craft beer culture phenomena ready to run wild all over you!

We hope you enjoy this weeks show! Fun Fact: Lots of delicious craft beer make it even better! 


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