BTBT Episode 50 - The Sampler pt2

February 9th, 2018

BTBT Bonus Episode The Sampler part 2! We had so much good content we had to drop another show. This special bonus episode is Part 2 of our conversation at the Sampler in Bushwick Brooklyn. Episode 50 features Co-owner Leo and Sampler OG Joel Suarez who brings his own blend of craft beer culture and energy to the show. We talk about the current state of craftbeer, and also touch on some local favorites. We discuss how the Sampler is one of the last neighborhood hold outs of that gritty old school Brooklyn vibe but yet still welcomes and blends with new school gentrification while maintaining their identity. Good conversation with good people and good beers. Enjoy the The Sampler part 2 (Bonus Show)!!
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