BTBT Episode 49 - The Sampler part 1

February 8th, 2018

BTBT hangs with the Sampler crew. The goons are excited because we are dropping 2 big episodes this week! Yes that’s right TWO! We are bringing you back to back doses of dopeness from the Sampler located at 234 Starr st in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Part 1 features new owners Leo and Rich, fire fighters turned bar owners who believed in the Sampler so much that they bought it! We talk about the business side of the sampler and how it came to be, we talk about the vibe, how their influences shaped the business plan and a lot of craft beer. Good times with good folks, we’ve got 2 great episodes for you this week!

Check out BTBT Episode 49 - The Sampler part 1 today!

Part 2 featuring Leo and Joel Drops tomorrow!! STAY TUNED

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